Entry #1

Love this series :)

2010-07-19 14:24:25 by TomoyaAyame

The movie was epic, and so was the book series!! :)

Love this series :)


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2010-08-05 07:05:06

You are a stupid

(Updated ) TomoyaAyame responds:

well, now that i've seen it, I know it's aweome :)


2010-09-17 22:15:50

the movie was a mind blowing master piece you sonofabitch..... XD

TomoyaAyame responds:

Oh it was so epic, now that i've seen it. C:


2011-06-03 17:36:16

1. I saw it and spot a few errors in the book series the first one is Scott Pilgram presuis little life when in the movie its called Scott Pilgram vs. the world but starts out at the first book.

2.he never fights all the exes in the movie

3.he breaks up with knives in the movie in the presuis little life part when in the series its the second book

did you now the real ending would be scott waking up and turns on the news to find out seven people were killed and scott is arrest and is know as the ''Coin Killer'' so he really killed them not a video game style defeat were they drop coins when the battle is finshed i would like that ending better because its shows the harshness of reality :]